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Head Start » Curriculum


Head Start Classroom Curriculum:
Options Head Start classrooms program uses the High/Scope Curriculum. The curriculum is based on active learning.

Active Learning involves five ingredients:
  • Materials: Using a variety of interesting materials that are readily accessible to children.
  • Manipulation: Children are free to move, handle, explore and work with the materials.
  • Choice: Children have choices in their activities.
  • Communication: Children learn to communicate, verbally and non-verbally.
  • Support from Adults: Adults encourage the childrens efforts and help them extend their learning experiences to solve problems.

Head Start Home Based Curriculum:
Options Head Start Home Based program uses the Portage Curriculum which focuses on the parent and the child as a  family system.. Parents are encouraged to be the educator of the child. Parents take an active role in the home visit and social gathering where they meet other parents in the program.