Leave of Absence

At Options for Learning, we understand that a time could come when being away from work may become necessary.  Whether the time away is needed to recover from illness, to care for a qualifying family member, if you are pregnant or adopting a child, active military needs for yourself or a qualifying family member, or if you sustain a work injury, we are pleased to have programs in place to help you balance your work and home life.

 Please note that the information provided here is meant to give staff general information regarding leave of absences.  More detailed information will be discussed when meeting with our Benefits Specialist.


General Guidelines for Leave of Absence

Our goal is to implement and maintain a system in which our employee’s needs and rights are met while carefully balancing the successful day-to-day operation of our agency.


Key things to remember…

  •  Any request must be made 30 days in advance when possible, or as soon as an employee learns of his or her need for time off.
  • Unless an employee is otherwise incapacitated, any employee applying for any leave of absence MUST meet the Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources department to discuss the provisions of the leave for which they qualify.
  • If additional time off is required, we ask that staff notify us as soon as the employee becomes aware that more time off will be needed.


During a Leave of Absence, the following terms affecting pay and/or benefits are applied:

1) Employees become ineligible for Holiday Pay.

2) Accruals of PTO stop (employee accrues PTO through last day worked and will resume on the first day back)

3) Flex credits, other than for Medical, Dental or Vision plans for staff on PDL/FMLA/CFRA stop.

4) Direct deposit stops until an employee has been back for one full pay period

5) Contributions to 403(B), Union Dues and Credit Union stop. 


Click on the statement below that best matches your current need:

 I have worked MORE than 1 year and may qualify for FMLA/CFRA

 I have worked LESS than 1 year - need time off for Pregnancy

 I have worked LESS than 1 year - need time off for non-Pregnancy reasons