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Child Development Permits

Child Development permits need to be renewed every 5 years. Reference www.ctc.ca.gov for permit renewal and/or upgrade requirements. For consultation on permit applications, see your Education Coordinator and/or Professional Growth Advisor.

Best renewal time: 6 months before expiration date

Note: Associate teacher permits take longer than other permits; mail-in option only

Submission of renewed permits: When a permit posts on the CTC website, it is the teacher’s responsibility to notify Human Resources. You can do this one of two ways listed below:

  1. Call-in – Call the Human Resources office ready with your name and level of permit
  2. Interoffice mail – Send in a printout of the new permit

Additional Resources: Reference the Child Development Training Consortium for additional assistance when filling out an application and possible reimbursements.  

*Keep credentials current to avoid disciplinary action.