Executive and Administration Teams

Executive Team

Paul F. Pulver - Chief Executive Officer 

Dolores Meade – Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer

Kelly O’Connell – Deputy Executive Director/Child Care Services Director

Dominic R. Alpuche - Chief Financial Officer (not pictured)


Administration Team

John Beck Melissa Takeda Cesar Soto
Mildred Balderrama Tracy Lynch "Ruby
Denise McCullough Mercedes Rosales Pedro Ramirez

John Beck – Chief Information Officer

Melissa Takeda – Human Resources Director

Cesar Soto – Facilities Director

Mildred Balderrama – Head Start South El Monte Director

Tracy Lynch – Enrichment Program Director

Ruby Sevilla – Early Head Start Director

Denise McCullough – Full-day Preschool Director

Mercedes Rosales – Head Start Pasadena Director

Pedro Ramirez - Budget Director 

Dolores Meade - State Preschool Director (Interim) (pictured under Executive Team)


Not pictured:

Leslie Carmell - Director of Communications

Norma Herrera - Resource and Referral/Stage 1 Director

Candy Meade - Subsidized Department Division Director

Terry Talavera - Child Care Services Operations/Food Program Division Director

Rosemary Olachea-Heaslip – Surround Care Director


Janet Zamanyan – Secretary to Chief Executive Officer