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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I enroll?
Full cost parents must submit a completed packet.  A $20.00 fee is required for all full-cost children, i.e. Kindergarten (ten dollars is applied to the first week of care and ten dollars to the registration fee; non-refundable). 

Subsidized parents must make an appointment and bring in recent original payroll stubs or other acceptable income verification. A completed enrollment packet must also be submitted. Any questions about enrollment should be directed to our division office (626) 284-9935.
When are fees paid?
Full cost families can pay fees weekly and/or monthly. Subsidized parents must pay monthly at the beginning of the month.
Where are the fees paid?

Payments may be made online or staff can assist families at the Alhambra office Monday-Friday or at the Corporate office (885 South Village Oaks Drive, Covina 91724) Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..

What are the fees?
Full cost parents are encouraged to call for specific details about current  fees. Subsidized families pay fees based on income and family size.
Is the program licensed?
Each site is licensed by the State of California, Community Care Licensing Division. The staff/child ratio for each site is 1:14.
What are the hours of operation?
Typically Options for Learning Surround Care operates on school days from 6:30 a.m. until school starts. The program opens at AM Kindergarten release time until 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

On vacation or non-class days, the program is open from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Does the program provide snacks for the children?
The Options for Learning Surround Care program participates in the State Child Care Food Program. On school days, an afternoon snack is provided for the children in a family style setting. During the summer, spring and winter breaks a morning and afternoon snack are served and the children bring sack lunches from home.
If I have concerns about the site/program whom do I contact?
Education Coordinators are responsible for staffing and the supervision of the program at each site. Education Coordinators visit each site approximately three times a month to ensure quality and visit the staff and children. Should you have any program concerns, please ask to speak with a Coordinator at (626) 284-9935.
Does Surround Care program provide transportation?
No, Surround Care is designed to serve the children who attend the elementary school where the program is located.
As a subsidized parent, how often do I need to re-certify?
Annual re-certification appointments are necessary to determine if you are still eligible to receive subsidized childcare. In some instances you may be required to re-certify more than once a year, i.e. fluctuating income, new employment, seeking employment, enrolled in a training educational program.
If one day I don't qualify for the State subsidized program, can I stay in the Options Surround Care program?
Yes, Options for Learning Surround Care also provides childcare services to families  who pay the full cost of the program.  There is a flat weekly rate that parents are responsible for paying.
When school is out does the Options for Learning Surround Care program still operate?
Yes. However Surround Care does consolidate sites during the summer, spring, winter breaks and on non-school days.
Are my children required to continually attend the childcare program?
Yes, it is important to provide care to families in need of childcare services. Full cost families have the ability to take one full week (Mon-Fri) vacation during the spring or winter break without incurring fees. The other two weeks during these periods must be paid. During the summer, families are able to sign up for the weeks that they would like their child to attend the program.

Families receiving the subsidy for their child care are expected to have their child attend the program every the family is certified for care.
What age group is served by the Surround Care program?
The Options for Learning Surround Care program serves children who attend elementary school. Children who are enrolled to start Kindergarten in the Fall may attend the program during the summer.