In-class instruction and distance learning

Full-day Preschool is committed to supporting families during this unprecedented time, so we are offering in-class or remote at-home learning opportunities for children. Watch the brief video below to learn more.
Space is limited. Call us at 626-858-0527 or complete an online interest form.
We still deliver a high-quality learning experience, while our enhanced safety procedures give families peace of mind. It starts with a small classroom, a clean environment, and proper health and safety measures.

Classroom health and safety protocols and COVID-19 precautions

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For families not ready for in-person care, we offer an interactive virtual learning experience in order to continue supporting and strengthening children’s academic skills in early literacy, math, and cognition.

Teachers provide lessons to further develop children’s skills and problem solving, with an emphasis on their social emotional development. Children have access to small group instruction with qualified teachers, access to materials to support the learning activities, virtual social gatherings with other children, individual family sessions, and resources for comprehensive academic and emotional wellness.

Children receive all assessments and screenings to ensure they are on track and families receive feedback about their child’s development through formal and informal parent conferences.

Distance learning weekly highlights:

  • A highly qualified teacher provides daily virtual instruction for your child;
  • Virtual interaction with other children your child’s age;
  • Online small group Zoom classes, Monday through Friday, 30 to 45 minutes;
  • Activities to do at home;
  • A set of classroom materials you will keep at home to help your child;
  • A second set of materials specific to your child’s class. These will be exchanged with a new set each week;
  • Two YouTube videos specifically created for the class by your child’s teacher;
  • One 10- to 15-minute session with your child’s teacher to review specific areas of your child’s development, set up at a time convenient for you.


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