Make safety a #1 priority when choosing an in-home or exempt child care provider! 


What is TrustLine?  TrustLine is California’s registry of in-home child care providers, tutors, in-home counselors, and child care staff at Ancillary Child Care Centers who have passed a background screening.  All caregivers registered with TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice and the FBI. Individuals registered on TrustLine have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California and no disqualifying criminal convictions on the FBIs criminal history system. TrustLine is administered by the California Department of Social Services and the non-profit California Child Care Resource and Referral Network.


What does TrustLine check?  TrustLine is an effective tool for parents to check the backgrounds of babysitters, nannies, tutors, and in-home counselors to determine if an applicant has criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California or criminal convictions reported to the FBI. TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System and FBI’s Criminal History System, and a name check of the Child Abuse Central Index of California.

Why does it matter that other background checks don’t check fingerprints? Fingerprints are considered ‘unique identifiers’, which essentially means that no two people have the same fingerprints. It’s fairly easy for someone to change their name to try and conceal a criminal past, and there are many people with the same or similar names. The only nanny background check that checks fingerprints is TrustLine.


How much does it cost? TrustLine costs approximately $135. While the total background check fee through TrustLine remains consistent, the fingerprint rolling fee varies depending on where the person is fingerprinted and how much the vendor charges to roll the applicant’s prints.


Who is required to use TrustLine?  All employment agencies (nanny and baby-sitter placement agencies) are required by law to register their caregivers with TrustLine upon placement. Transport Escort Services also are required by law to TrustLine register individual(s) that are transporting minors. Transport Escort Services transport minors across state lines to residential facilities with permission from the minor’s parents or legal guardian. Businesses providing Ancillary Child Care Centers to customers or clients while the customers or clients shop or obtain services (i.e. health clubs and gyms) must register on TrustLine those staff members who are 18 years of age or older that work in the child care center. Child care providers who are not required to be licensed in California (baby-sitters, nannies, etc.) and who are providing child care to parents receiving a governmental child care subsidy (except grandparents, aunts, and uncles) are required by law to register with TrustLine.


Is TrustLine effective?  TrustLine is an effective tool for parents to check the background of a baby-sitter or nanny. Thousands of applicants who apply to be on the TrustLine registry are disqualified because of criminal activity in their past. TrustLine has denied applicants with convictions such as murder, manslaughter, willful child cruelty, and kidnapping. Ten percent (10%) of applicants were denied being registered on TrustLine due to criminal or child abuse history in the 2015 calendar year. Out of the applicants that were denied, 60 had a serious felony conviction.


I TrustLined my Nanny, now what?  TrustLine is just one important tool to help you choose the best in-home caregiver for your child. It is the parents' obligation to learn as much information about their potential hire as possible so that they can make an informed and educated hiring decision. Remember to trust your instinct, and take all precautionary steps available to you. 


Call Trustline to learn more 1-800-822-8490