Karen Kaye Award of Achievement

Options for Learning, along with our 6 sister Resource & Referral program agencies in the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles (CCALA), acknowledge the training accomplishments of these commendable child development professionals. 
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Karen Kaye Achievement Award Celebration
CCALA has hosted the annual Karen Kaye Achievement Award Celebration for the past 8 years.  The event brings together hundreds of child development professionals and agencies, such as Options for Learning, and has honored over 1,520 early educators since 2011 for their professional development accomplishments.
The achievement award is named after Karen Kaye, the former executive director of Connections for Children, a CCALA member agency serving the West side and South Bay of Los Angeles.  Karen's vision paved the way for the development of the Gateways for Early Educators™ initiative.  Karen is fondly remembered for passionately championing quality early child care and education and ensuring that providers received training in order to offer high quality learning experiences for children. 
Karen Hannah Kaye
July 17, 1942 - December 18, 2009