Help paying for child care

Center-based programs

Options for Learning's center-based programs offer free and low-cost care for families in our service areas; there are a limited number of fee-based and full-cost spaces in some programs. To learn more about eligibility requirements for our center-based programs, please contact our Intake and Eligibility Department.

Resource and Referral Program

Options for Learning's Resource and Referral Program assists families free of charge regardless of income not only in locating licensed child care, but also in determining whether financial assistance is available.

Child Care Services

Options for Learning's Child Care Services' subsidized child care programs offer income-eligible families assistance with child care payments made to the child care provider of their choice for children ages 0-12 (up to age 21 for exceptional needs children). Refer to Types of Child Care for information on parental choice options. 
To qualify for free or low-cost child care, families must meet income eligibility requirements (some exceptions may apply) and demonstrate a need for services, such as a parent who is working, seeking employment, attending school/training, seeking permanent housing, or having a medical incapacity referral from a qualified professional. Click here to learn more.