Strategic Plan

In late 2022, Options for Learning engaged in a multi-phase collaborative planning process to seek stakeholder input, build consensus, and maximize the ability to meet the needs of the families served while pursuing a thriving workplace culture, strong community partnerships, and the capacity to operate effectively. After a strategic planning workshop with the board of directors and leadership team in January 2023, five strategic priority areas were established that connect to the mission and vision of our organization. Then, action planning teams, including more than 50 staff and board members, were engaged to develop agile, forward-thinking initiatives, action steps, and indicators of success to carry out the plan. Here, you'll find an overview of our strategic plan, along with a message from our CEO, Paul Pulver.


Three-year strategic plan semi-annual report

Click the image below to view our three-year strategic plan semi-annual report.
Three-year semi-annual report

Strategic plan infographic

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For questions regarding our strategic plan, please contact Kimberly Dobson Garcia, vice president of strategic initiatives.