Why your child should join Full-day Preschool

Proven quality: We get results!
In less than six months with our Full-day Preschool program, children’s problem-solving, comprehension, language and literacy skills increased an average of 60%, while math concepts increased by more than 63%. Our English language learners also saw measured increases in their development, building and integrating of language, literacy, comprehension skills and math concepts. Our program is proven to prepare children for kindergarten success.
Curriculum in our classes 
Utilizing an educationally sound and developmentally appropriate curriculum, Full-day Preschool ensures that each child develops the skills essential to success in kindergarten. Our program uses the HighScope curriculum, which focuses on children being actively involved in their learning environment and challenged to achieve the next level of development socially, emotionally, physically and educationally through the intentional teaching of our staff.
Teachers are trained to facilitate learning not only through their lesson plans but also through their daily interactions with children. Staff observe children with the intent of supporting children's initiatives and interests. Teaching staff are trained to engage children in regular, meaningful conversations that build positive and strong teacher-child relationships. 
The preschool learning environment is equally important as the lessons planned by teachers. Our classrooms are set up to offer a variety of learning centers, each focused on the development of social and cognitive skills. Materials are provided that encourage children to explore, invent and master specific developmental activities.
Staff regularly record notes on children's behaviors, developmental milestones, and interests. These records are used not only to assess each child, but as a basis to design the lesson plans and learning environment to meet the needs of each individual child.