Applicant FAQs


What happens after I submit my application(s)?  When applications are received, the Human Resources Department screens them for minimum qualifications. If the qualifications are met, applications are sent to their respective division offices. The divisions will decide which applicants to interview and schedule interviews accordingly. Human Resources will then call all applicants to whom the division decides to offer employment. If you are not called with an offer of employment, you will receive a regret email. 
Can I apply for multiple positions? Yes. Once you complete one application, the system saves your education, work experience and special skills. If you decide to apply for another position, simply fill out the personal information at the bottom of the page. On the following screen, where it says “If you have completed an application for employment with Options for Learning before click here,” click on the blue hyperlink and the website will instruct you to enter your email and password. Your saved information will automatically populate.