FAQ for currently enrolled parents

Can I change providers?
You must contact your parent specialist immediately if you would like to change your child care provider.

What if I cannot make my scheduled appointment with my parent specialist?
Contact your parent specialist immediately to make arrangements. For recertifications, your parent specialist will mail a packet with an appointment four to six weeks prior to your last two weeks of authorized child care. Certification must be complete before your last date of care or you may risk the termination of child care. If you are unable to make your appointment for any reason, please contact your parent specialist as soon as possible.
How much are my parent fees?
If there is a parent fee it will be based upon the California Department of Education – Early Education and Support Division (EESD) Family Fee Schedule. Parents will be given the payment procedures and notified when a parent fee is due. Fees can be paid online. Generally, parents who receive cash aid do not pay a fee.
What if I cannot pay my fees?
Please contact your parent specialist or Fiscal Department staff as soon as possible.
What if I have a complaint or concern about my provider?
Please contact your parent specialist to discuss any concerns regarding your provider.