Choosing quality care

Tips on finding quality care

Interview and observe the potential provider with the child.
  • Explore why this caregiver wants to care for children.
  • How does s/he feel about this type of work?
  • Is this person warm, caring, attentive and responsive to the child?
Ask the potential provider:
  • What is a typical day like with the children?
  • What are their feelings and approach to discipline?
  • How to they handle naps, eating and toilet learning?
  • How are emergencies handled?
Ask a lot of “what if” questions, for example:
  • What if my child cries frequently?
  • What if my child refuses to eat?
  • What if my child won’t nap?
Check potential provider’s references and work history. Trust your instincts. Choose someone you like. Choose someone your child likes.

Check a facility's licensing record with the California Department of Social Services here.

Once you have found a provider, be sure to communicate regularly and openly about how the child care arrangement is working.

Call 626-856-5900, ext. 3, and we’ll mail you a Choosing Quality Child Care pamphlet or you may print a checklist below to get started with your search.