ASES Enrichment Program

Building a lifetime of skills

  • After-school enrichment program for grades K-8;
  • Monday through Friday after school to 6 p.m. during school year;
  • Designed to help your child develop lasting academic, social and lifestyle skills to prepare him or her for college, a career, and a lifetime of success with a curriculum aligned to California’s K-12 Common Core Standards.
  • Active hands-on learning opportunities;
  • Access to computers and structured outdoor activities;
  • Homework assistance;
  • Nutritious snack provided;
  • Social and emotional connections with peers;
  • Family resources. 
Serving the Rowland and San Gabriel Unified School Districts:
  • Rowland Unified School District: Middle schools: Giano Intermediate School (grades 7-8) and Telesis Academy of Math and Science. Elementary schools: Jellick, Hollingworth, Hurley, Northam, Rorimer, Rowland, Villacorta and Yorbita.
  • San Gabriel Unified School District: Middle schools: Jefferson Middle School. Elementary schools: Roosevelt, Washington and McKinley.
This program is free for all students.

Vision statement
Empowering young minds to create the next generation of life-long learners.
Mission statement
Fostering students to develop leadership skills to become life-long learners who acknowledge diversity by providing a safe environment where learning is meaningful through enriching and engaging activities that supports their instructional day.
885 S. Village Oaks Drive, Ste. 13
Covina, Calif. 91724
Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
626-967-1898 FAX