Subsidized programs

Provider participation

  1. Family applies for the subsidized voucher program with Options for Learning's Child Care Services division.
  2. Once approved, the family chooses a child care provider or receives child care referrals. Depending on the funding, families may choose a center, licensed home, or exempt provider.
  3. Child care agreements are between a family and a provider. Options for Learning will pay for care on behalf of the family.
  4. Providers are reimbursed based on regulations set by the state and rates they charge to the public. 
Providers with questions may call 626-856-5900, ext. 4.

Voucher-based child care

Options for Learning administers federal, state, and local child care certificate/voucher contracts with the programs described below. Eligible families choose care in licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, or license-exempt care, depending on program type.
CalWORKs child care is meant to help families transition smoothly from welfare to work by offering short-term child care as parents start work or training, then offering stable, long-term child care to enable families to transition off cash aid. Stages of CalWORKs Child Care:
  1. Stage 1: Family is receiving cash aid and in an approved welfare-to-work activity.
  2. Stage 2: May begin after six months in Stage 1 when activity has stabilized or when the family is transitioning off of cash aid.
  3. Stage 3: May begin when a funded space is available or when the family has received 24 months of child care, after transitioning off of cash aid.
The Alternative Payment Program (APP) offers an array of child care arrangements, such as family child care and center-based care, for families who meet income and eligibility guidelines. When funds are available, families select a child care provider with informational resource support from our agency. Once the parent and provider agree to the child care arrangement, we reimburse the provider for approved services.
The Family Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN) is similar to the Alternative Payment Program but is focused on promoting high-quality early learning environments in licensed family child care homes. If a qualified subsidized family chooses a licensed home in this contract, the FCCHEN provider must first meet standards set forth by EESD.
Eligible families may receive a time-limited child care voucher to help pay for child care costs for foster children birth through age 5 and their siblings. This also includes foster children with exceptional needs and severely disabled children up to age 21. Referrals to the Child Care Bridge Program must be made through the resource family’s children’s social worker (CSW) at DCFS. Learn more by calling our Resource and Referral Department at 626-856-5900, ext. 3.

Center-based child care

The following subsidized child care contracts are administered by Options for Learning in our center-based child care programs, with funds from the California Department of Education (CDE) and the federal Office of Head Start (OHS). 
Office of Head Start
Early Head Start
Head Start

CDE General Child Care and Development (GCTR)
Full-day Preschool, Surround Care, and Empowered Learning 

CDE California State Preschool Program (CSPP)
State Preschool

CDE After School Education and Safety Program (ASES)
Enrichment Program